Pet Friendly

Travel to Tepoztlán Morelos without leaving your best friend at home. At POSADA DEL TEPOZTECO we welcome your pets, know our regulations and take into account the following requirements:

Book directly with us to acept previuosly your pet with us by telephone number or by email. 

Your pet must have a maximum weight of 15 kilos.

Every owner must bring the bed or rug, as well as the container for water and food of your pet. WITHOUT EXCEPTION you must wear your leash tied around your neck at all times inside the hotel facilities.

Every pet must be supervised by a person ALWAYS.
For no reason is the pet allowed to remain inside the room without its owner for more than two hours.

If this situation is detected, the corresponding authorities will be called to remove the pet from the room.

We have only 4 rooms due to their characteristics and location are the only ones indicated as Pet Friendly in Posada Del Tepozteco, for which it is suggested to reserve them in advance, since in no other room category are pets allowed.

Only one pet per room is allowed. It is forbidden for pets to sleep on the furniture in the room.

The hygiene of the pet as well as the area where it remains is the responsibility of its owner. The maid will NOT be able to access the room to clean it if the pet is inside the room without its owner. We ask that you be a responsible master of your pet.

The pet can not be in the pool area or inside the dining room. You can be on the restaurant's terrace on a leash and supervised by its owner at all times.

It is the obligation of the owner to always carry plastic bags to collect the stool of your pet. Any damage or injury caused by the pet to people, other pets or property will be the TOTAL responsibility of its owner.

The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected. At the time of check-in or access to the restaurant, the owner must read and sign this regulation. The hotel management reserves the right to admit or not to admit the pet, at their own discretion.